JUST AWESOME…..!!!!!!!

I was victimized by my husband and his mistress and was charged with many violations of a peace order on the mistress’s behalf, a peace order that should have never been granted in the first place. I lost everything of monetary and personal value that I had at their hands and it seemed NO one would help me. Add that to a clueless Assistant State’s attorney whose only care was his score card and a couple of people with no moral compass backing each other up and I don’t have to tell you anymore. Two years of my life was disrupted as a result, I was destroyed professionally, my door was kicked in by an overzealous deputy ( a friend of my husband’s), I attempted suicide and thought there was NO ONE on earth who would hear or help me fight back. I know all the jokes about lawyers but this one is truly one of the finest most compassionate human beings I have ever met. I just can’t put into words what a skilled attorney and great person he is.

Excellent work

I cannot thank you enough for the excellent work you did on my case and the wonderful outcome you obtained!! I realize how very lucky I am.

Thanks again to Allan H. Rambro for saving my life.

I was in desperate need of a Lawyer, didn’t really have anywhere to turn, so I went online. I saw a 24 hour bench Warrant Hotline, and decided to call. The best decision I ever made, I was completely satisfied with the services Allan H. Rambro provided. Let’s just say that I had a warrant for something I did a long time ago, and my back was against the wall, Allan H Rambro came in and saved the day. I didn’t have to go to jail the warrant was pulled, and at my court date the Judge dismissed my case, and now I’m eligible to get these charges expunged off of my record. If you need a solid lawyer who will go to war with you, and won’t leave you hanging please contact Allan H. Rambro he will defiantly get the job done, and you won’t regret it. Thanks again to Allan H. Rambro for saving my life.

Bench Warrant Removal/Recall June

5 star I can’t believe Mr. Rombro beat my DUI case after I blew a very high BAC on breathalyzer test. I got a PBJ and I was incredibly impressed at how he handled the Judge’s questions. The judge told me I was lucky to have him as my lawyer or I’d probably have gone to jail instead of home. Thank you!