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If you’re accused of driving under the influence or DWI in MD, there are essential realities to keep in mind. Maryland takes driving while intoxicated very seriously and there are undesirable outcomes that you need to know so you can avoid them.

In the state of Maryland, there are severe consequences from the DMV including at most 12 points charged against your driver’s license. If you do not take the appropriate action can result in interruption of your Maryland license. If you are not a Maryland driver, a revoked license in Maryland (or any state) can and often does prompt a suspension in your state.

Also consider the significant effects from DWI in Maryland which will have harmful results on your day-to-day life. Revocation of your driver’s license affects your ability to drive to your job, which can lead to being fired/terminated from your work. Most people convicted of driving while intoxicated state their conviction as the triggering incident causing serious financial problems.

Points on your driving record will make obtaining insurance difficult and/or cause your premiums to rise. A conviction for driving under the influence will also inhibit you from attaining some jobs or make your employer terminate you from your current employment, especially if driving is crucial to your job.

Taking into account the various consequences you face if convicted for driving while intoxicated, it’s suggested that you hire qualified experienced legal counsel for your trial. Your legal counsel will represent case to obtain the best outcome. Sometimes this means decreasing your exposure and lowering the sentence and at times can mean dismissal of charges. So, do you need legal counsel for your DUI charges in Maryland? Let the Law Offices of Allan Rombro fight your case for you!

Allan Rombro is an award-winning DUI defense attorney with 30 years of defending his clients in Pasadena and throughout this area. With a firm that concentrates on driving under the influence and DWI, Allan Rombro uses every legal and technical defense available while representing you to defend your driving liberties and driving file. In October 2016, Allan Rombro was awarded the Top 100 DUI Attorneys Award, for the second year and the Award for 10 Best DUI Lawyer by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys. Rated “Excellent” by AVVO and “Distinguished” by Martindale Hubbell, Allan Rombro’s customers can vow to his exceptional defense skills and favorable case outcomes.