Thank you again for handling my case

Hi Allan….thank you again for handling my case….a full dismissal and removal of a bench warrant…all over the phone! I didn’t even have to leave NYC.

You are incredible!

When I got arrested in Baltimore, I didn’t know what to do since I live out of state. I found you online and after one phone call, I knew I had found the right lawyer. I met you for the first time when I walked into the courtroom and, to my amazement, you had already convinced the prosecutor to give me a stet..even though the police officer who found my pipe was in the courtroom to testify.

Me and my family thank you for this second chance.

Dear Mr. Rombro…coming from a religious family, I was facing not only many years in prison, but also the stigma of being a drug criminal. But caught with a large amount of marijuana and growing equipment, I had little faith that I would see the light of day for a long time. I was totally shocked when you got the judge to agree to three months of home confinement and a PBJ. It’s been a year and I have turned my life around.

Hiring Allan was the best decision I made this year alone.

First I’d like to thank Allan for getting me the deal he did. I hadn’t been completely honest with him due to shame and the prosecutor let him know immediately this was my 2nd offense. Allan didn’t flinch,he didn’t judge me,he just went into action doing what he does best, NEGOTIATE on my behalf! Because of his outstanding re pore with the prosecutor and judge,he was able to get me a deal that I still can’t believe.He truly cares about his clients. Even if you live out of state such as myself he is your man! If you live in MD he’s your man!! I was looking at one year in jail and I am writing this from home. I even got to keep my license!! I witnessed first hand that day, what can happen to you if your lawyer is not on point (so many aren’t). I will always be grateful to him and Ashley .

I cannot thank him enough.

If you are looking for a good attorney Allan Rombro is your man. I am absolutely speechless at the professionalism of Mr. Rombro and his staff, I had spoken to several attorneys prior to Mr. Rombro and from the moment I spoke to him I knew he was who I wanted to handle my case. I live in Florida and my case was handled and not once did I have to step foot in a court room. Mr. Rombro has my recommendation as a Top Notch attorney, I was not given any guarantees but I was assured that either way it went he would have my best interest at heart, and as I always knew, my case was closed and things turned out exactly as Mr. Rombro expected it would.