You got my warrant recalled FAST.

I was going on a business trip and learned within days of my flight that I had a bench warrant for my arrest for a matter I wasn’t even aware existed. I knew I had to get this handled immediately or I would get arrested. I googled “bench warrant attorney” and was surprised how few lawyers do these regularly. Your website made clear you had good experience with these and so I called you. It was the best decision I ever made. If I hadn’t done this, I would have been arrested at BWI, humiliated in front of my business colleague, and would have spent time in jail instead of making my trip. Anyone who doesn’t use you to handle a bench warrant deserves to be arrested!

You have my deepest appreciation.

I have never been in trouble before so when I got arrested for DUI after a night on the town, I was terrified. Thank God I called you. After you read through the case and interviewed me, you said you thought the cop may have made some mistakes and we could use this as the defense. After we listened to the police radio recordings, you confirmed this defense strategy and said you thought we would win at trial. You did a hell of a lot better than that. When I arrived at court that morning, shaking in my boots, your words I will never forget “relax, I just got the prosecutor to dismiss the whole thing based on our strategy”. Poof…. the entire DWI charge, the tickets, the fines…gone forever as though it never happened. I will never drive again after a few drinks….you gave me that second chance…

I heard you were ‘the man’ and you definitely are!

I was arrested for pot possession and I even confessed to the cop that it was mine. You told me that you thought there was something fishy about the arrest and you thought you could win the case that way. I was still very nervous when we went into court since this was not my first marijuana arrest. I couldn’t believe it when the judge totally agreed with you and dismissed the case. That cop was so PO’d and stormed out of the courtroom—I bet he doesn’t want to see you in court again!

Thank you , thank you, thank you!

After the DA told me that they wanted to send me to jail for 45 days, I hired, you. It was the smartest thing I could have done. Not only didn’t I go to jail, but you somehow convinced the DA to dismiss the charges!

…Allan, I can’t thank you enough.

I am a Registered Nurse and if it was revealed that I had been arrested for smoking pot in OC during my vacation, I would have lost my job and possibly my credentials. This could have ruined my entire life. You came to Ocean City and even before court started, you had their agreement to dismiss the whole conviction, no record..nothing…as thought it never happened. You are worth every penny and I have referred you to my former coworker who just got a second DUI…I told her if she doesn’t hire you, she deserves to go to jail…