The whole thing was dismissed before we even saw the judge!!!!

I’m a Catholic school teacher and have never been in any trouble. Imagine my surprise when I was arrested during a family vacation for bad tags. You told me you would take care of it for me….that was an understatement!

You gave me my freedom. I can’t thank you enough.

On my court day, I hugged my family goodbye..I knew I was going to jail for up to four years facing the same judge on my 4th DUI. Allan Rombro persuaded her to give me home detention.

With 10 points on my record and TWO speeding tickets exceeding 80MPH–everyone said I’d get my license suspended for sure. Thanks to Mr. Rombro…I drove right home!!!

God Bless you, Allan.

I’m a retired grandmother. Baltimore City Housing was trying to evict me from my home for something my granddaughter had done, unbeknownst to be. It took several court appearances, and Allan convinced the City to withdraw the entire case and I don’t have to worry about leaving my home of 25 years.

Anyone who doesn’t hire you must like the idea of getting arrested!

I live in New York now and had to go online to find a lawyer in Baltimore to get two outstanding warrants deleted because I found out the NY police were trying to arrest me for the Baltimore warrants. My worry was quickly evaporated. Within hours of my first conversation with Mr Rombro, BOTH warrants were gone and I never even had to come to Baltimore!!