DUI Attorney in Milford Mill

If you are charged with DUI or driving while intoxicated in MD, there are important facts to consider. Maryland takes DWI very seriously and there are undesirable outcomes that you must know in order to avoid them.

In Maryland, there are negative effects from the MVA such as at most twelve points assessed on your driving record. By not taking the proper action can lead to in interruption of your Maryland license. If you are not a Maryland licensed driver, a revoked license in MD (or within the United States) can and often does trigger an interruption in your home state.

Keep in mind the material impacts from driving under the influence in Maryland which can have unfavorable results on your daily life. Revocation of your driving freedom alters your capability to drive to your work, which can result in being let go from your job. Most people found guilty of driving under the influence report that event as the trigger event leading to major financial stresses.

Negative marks on your driving record will make obtaining insurance difficult and/or cause your insurance costs to rise. A guilty verdict for DUI will also prevent you from attaining some jobs or evoke your employer to dismiss you from your employment, specifically if driving is central to your position.

Knowing the negative outcomes you confront if found guilty for driving under the influence, it’s highly recommended that you employ capable practiced legal counsel for your hearing. Your lawyer will represent case to receive the best outcome. Sometimes this means decreasing your exposure and reducing your sentence and sometimes it can mean outright dismissal. So, do you need a lawyer for your DUI charges in MD? Have the Law Offices of Allan Rombro fight your case for you!

Allan Rombro is esteemed DUI defense lawyer with 30 years of experience in Milford Mill and throughout this area. With a firm that focuses on driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated, Allan Rombro uses every legal and technical defense available throughout his representation to safeguard your driver’s license and record. In October 2016, Allan Rombro won the Top 100 DUI Attorneys Award, for the second year and the Award for 10 Best DUI Lawyer by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys. Rated “Excellent” by AVVO and “Distinguished” by Martindale Hubbell, Allan Rombro’s customers can vow to his superior defense tactics and favorable case outcomes.