Judge Merciful in Sentencing on 2017 Murder

On March 29 2019, Daniel Degoto was sentenced for the 2017 murder of a local pastor who also claimed to have insights into the “fourth dimension” and also claimed the ability to cure “false cancers”.

Despite the attack being captured on surveillance video and a subsequent full recorded confession to detectives, along with the State aggressively seeking a life sentence following trial and conviction, defense attorney, Allan Rombro, obtained a sentence which will allow Mr. Degoto to be eligible for release after approximately 25 years.

Rombro said, “it seems clear that the court took into account the evidence we presented that Mr Degoto was pushed beyond normal human limits. Mr Degoto expressed sincere remorse and we are very glad that Judge Ensor saw fit to extend some mercy for the facts and provide Mr Degoto some hope that he will be able to return to his family one day instead of spending the rest of his life in prison”