Maryland Bench Warrant Attorney

Resolving Outstanding Bench Warrants

Do you have an outstanding warrant for failure to appear (FTA) in court? Even routine minor offenses, like some traffic violations can result in the issuance of a bench warrant for your arrest. If you’ve moved and did not ever receive a notice for a court date, you will likely have a warrant issued for your arrest, even though you had no idea your appearance was required. In such cases, the defendant is unaware that a warrant exists and only learn of it when they are involved in a routine traffic stop or other benign contact with police. They are shocked when they learn they are under arrest and subsequently taken to jail. Bench warrants are also often issued if you fail to appear for any court proceeding, including those related to assault and battery, drug possession, probation violations or other crimes. Are you constantly looking over your shoulder or driving in another direction to avoid a police car? In most cases, Allan Rombro can quickly get your warrant recalled and get a court date. This puts you back in control of your case with no need to worry about dodging authorities.

Authorizing a ‘Bench Warrant’ lawyer

Most people are surprised to learn that most criminal defense attorneys have little or no experience recalling bench warrants. The reason they won’t share with you is simple. A bench warrant recall requires immediate action and for a relatively low fee. Most criminal defense lawyers will not prioritize the bench warrant client because it is not lucrative. This is a business decision and one that does not best serve the client in their most pressing time of need. Allan Rombro believes that when you are at risk of being jailed, you deserve to have a lawyer act with the urgency necessary to eliminate your risk of arrest and imprisonment. As a result of this belief, Allan Rombro has very strong experience with the process required to get the documents completed precisely and have those documents on the judges desk immediately.

Contact Allan Rombro, by calling 410-580-9500 or send us an e-mail, as soon as you learn you have a bench warrant and eliminating your warrant becomes his first priority.

We can recall outstanding bench warrants, almost always without your need to return to jail. Attorney Allan H. Rombro will file a motion to quash a warrant and get a court date. Granting bail is up to the judge, but in many cases the judge will waive bail in favor of a recalled warrant. Allan Rombro’s familiarity and experience within the system serves his clients by successfully eliminating a warrant. From there, we will attack the case, itself. Allan H. Rombro will secure the best possible result.

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